Ultimate Masters Booster Box



Release Date: 07 December 2018

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Release Date: 07 December 2018

This will be the last Masters set for the foreseeable future and Wizards of the Coast have packed the release full of value with some of the most iconic (and expensive!) cards from Magic’s history being featured.

Every box will come with a sealed pack containing a single box topper, sealed inside the box. The pack will look a little something like this:

Ultimate Box Topper

Open it up, and you'll get one of 40 different cards with extended art.

This set of 40 box topper cards includes extended art versions of some of Magic's most popular cards, including every mythic rare in the set, many of the rare cards, and two uncommons—Kitchen Finks and Eternal Witness—that are among the most beloved in Magic's history. Every box topper also has a main set counterpart, just with a normal frame treatment. So in the same box, you could pull both of these:

Extended Art  


  • 24 packs per box
  • 15-card booster packs, one premium foil per pack
  • One Ultimate Box Topper per box
  • Supplies are limited

For a Full List of the Box Topper Cards, as well as more information on the set, please click here to go to the official site.


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Ultimate Masters Booster Box

Ultimate Masters Booster Box

Release Date: 07 December 2018

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