Digimon Card Game

We have just signed up with a new supplier in USA, and will be able to source the Digimon Card Game.  We are still finalizing paperwork, so as soon as it is done, we will be doing special orders for the Digimon Card Game.

If you would like to be notified of when we will be doing orders, please provide us with your details here.

When we are ready to order, we will send an order form on our WhatsApp group and email list with estimated pricing and full instructions on how to place your order. Please make use of the latest form and send it to us with your POP within the specified deadline.

NO Payment = NO Order!

Digimon TCG products will not be ordered for stock for the A.I. Fest store's shelves.  Any Digimon TCG product that is ordered must have the deposit paid before we put the order through with our supplier in the US. The deposit is the estimate price of the product, and any difference in price when the product arrives at A.I. Fest must be settled in full before you can collect your order.